Month: January 2017

Georgia Bio Highlights Peak Serum’s Contributions to CJD

Peak Serum was an official sponsor of this year’s Strides for CJD event in Fort Collins, Colorado on Oct. 1.

The contribution helps the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation continue to fund research and the fight against the degenerative brain disorder, and enables the organization to stage its annual fund-raising event.

“There’s currently no cure or treatment for patients with CJD,” Tom Kutrubes, Peak Serum PRESIDENT said. “Peak Serum’s support of the event enables the foundation to continue to better the lives of the people who suffer from this debilitating disease.”

The Strides for CJD 5K Run/Walk takes place annually in locations around the country including Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey and Ohio. The CJD Foundation hopes Strides for CJD will ensure that anyone, anywhere, can participate and show their support, raise awareness for patients, family and friends of this rare disease, while also helping to enrich and sustain the programs created by the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation. For more information about the Strides for CJD or information on how you can participate, visit 

About Peak Serum: Based in Fort Collins, Colo., Peak Serum is one of the nation’s leading independent suppliers of fetal bovine serum, an essential part of cGMP / clinical trial research and diagnostics applications. Sourced only from the United States or USDA-approved origins, its an ideal media for many culture.

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