Month: February 2017

Peak Serum Inc. Unveils Cares for Cures Program

Scientific research makes the world a better place.
It’s just that simple.

Peak Serum wants to support research.
It’s also just that simple.

We’re proud to be part of America’s biological research community, and Peak Serum wants to help researchers advance knowledge. That’s why we’re unveiling our Cares for Cures program.

Each year, we’ll select research efforts to support, and provide them with funding as well as in-kind donations of Peak Fetal Bovine Serum. Because the world of research is varied and bright minds are investigating new ideas all the time, we’re concentrating our efforts on providing short-term grants which allow Cares for Cures to support a wide range of research.

Best of all, we’re making the application process open to the public. Have a project you think may benefit from the support of Cares for Cures? We’d love to hear about it! More information is available at our Cares for Cures page, including full information regarding how to apply for a grant.