Month: June 2018

Peak Serum, Inc. Accepting Applications for Fetal Bovine Serum Donation to Support Disease Curing Research

Through the Cares for Cures Grant, Peak Serum, Inc. aims to provide Fetal Bovine Serum product donations to research labs working to cure diseases worldwide. Researchers seeking support from the grant may apply directly.

“The mission behind the Cares for Cures Grant is to aid, acknowledge and encourage researchers making strides to fight diseases,” said Tom Kutrubes, Peak Serum President and CEO. “Through the donation, we hope to motivate labs worldwide to continue carrying out research.”

Dr. Wendy Huang of the UC San Diego School of Medicine was awarded the first Cares for Cures Grant in 2017. Her team’s research impacts inflammatory bowel conditions, breast, prostate and intestinal cancers and other inflammation-related diseases. “It is researchers like Dr. Huang who make the breakthroughs that guide tomorrow’s treatments. Peak Serum is happy to support her efforts.”