Month: October 2018

Peak Serum is Proud to Join Forces with the European Serum Products Association

The European Serum Products Association (ESPA), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, was established to promote the safe use of serum, connect companies of the serum processing industry, both in the EU and outside of the EU, and to represent their interests. The ESPA and Peak Serum share many values, such as honesty, trust, and credibility.

As a member of the ESPA, Peak Serum is dedicated to actively educating regulators, serum users and their associations about the facts and myths related to serum products. Additionally, we are committed to gathering scientific evidence that serum is amongst the safest and best performing cell culture supplements, and actively defending the roles of serum in both animal and human health.

This trusted partnership demonstrates our commitment and dedication to regulatory standards and product quality within the industry. Our good standing as accepted members of the ESPA will strengthen our network of associations of related sectors and serum clients, as well as regulators. This will help us be involved in the conversations to harmonize worldwide standards and international trade of serum products.

For more information about the ESPA, visit their website: