Month: December 2018

Peak Serum, Inc. Launches Customer Rewards Program

Peak Serum, Inc., a privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products, has introduced Peak Premier Rewards; a program designed to reward customers who regularly purchase Fetal Bovine Serum and lab accessories.

“We value the loyalty of our customers, and are excited to offer Peak Premier Rewards to every customer, including individuals and research labs,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum, Inc.

The Peak Premier Rewards program allows customers to earn points each time a purchase is made; each dollar is worth one point. For example, a purchase of $100 worth of lab accessories is worth 100 points while a purchase of $500 fetal bovine serum is worth 500 points. In the previous example, the purchase would result in 600 points, and 500 points can be exchanged for $10 off coupon.

Customers are able to redeem points for coupons toward future purchases.

“Peak Serum created Peak Premier Rewards to give our customers the best experience with our company and products,” said Kutrubes. “We cannot thank our customers enough for the repeat business and loyalty over the years.”

Click here to learn more and sign up for Peak Premier Rewards.