Month: March 2021


WELLINGTON, Colo. (March 8, 2021)Peak Serum, Inc. (Peak) — a privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products — has announced impressive year-over-year growth of 64.5% and forecasts continued growth for 2021 under the temporary leadership of interim CEO, Michael Dodge.

“The serum industry is seeing tremendous growth with the increase in both domestic and international market distribution,” said Dodge. “We look forward to growing alongside the serum industry by continuing to provide only the highest quality US Origin and USDA Origin serum products for all levels of research compliance while also adapting our line of Peak Products, innovative lab accessories, to meet the needs of the market.”

Peak reports the 64.5% year-over-year increase is marked by the company’s growth into international markets including Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Asia. This growth can also be attributed to the company’s expanding product accessory line, which introduced Peak Pipettors™, biodegradable nitrile gloves, and more over the last two years. Moreover, Peak forecasts continued success for 2021 due to a rise in government initiatives towards improving biotechnology research sector that will further boost the market growth globally.

As of February 2021, Peak also launched an extensive internal restructuring of the company, as the company undergoes a full-sale process. As a result of ongoing organizational changes to best position the company during its sale status, Peak’s global director of sales, Michael Dodge, adopted the role of interim CEO under guidance from the chief restructuring officer and Trustee, Jay Roderick.

Dodge has more than 20 years of experience in the life science industry, having worked in both domestic and international markets and has been with Peak since May 2019. Dodge has established and successfully led several companies in the United Kingdom for U.S.-based entities. He has also established several European distribution networks for U.S. organizations as well as for Peak.

Peak Serum, Inc. is a privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products and serums for cGMP / clinical trial research and diagnostics applications. Peak Serum was founded in 2015 as a cGMP supplier of U.S. and USDA-approved FBS products. Since 2019, Peak has expanded its portfolio which now includes private-labeled liquid handling and tissue culture products, as well as nitrile gloves.

For questions about Peak’s business or product offerings contact:
Michael Dodge
Chief Executive Officer (Interim)