Peak Serum, Inc. Joins Community-Minded Business Association to Further Its Positive Impact Across Colorado

Peak Serum, Inc. Joins Good Business Colorado

Peak Serum, Inc. is pleased to announce its membership with the Good Business Colorado Association (GBCA), a business voice advocating for a strong economy, thriving communities, and a sustainable environment.

“Good Business Colorado is a trusted advocate and resource for local companies and organizations to come together in an effort to benefit the communities we call home,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum, Inc. “This association perfectly aligns with our company values and we hope to continue to expand our reach in providing the highest quality with our line of Peak Products—such as our biodegradable, eco-friendly gloves—through this partnership.”

GBCA unites members across the state who value a strong economy, a sustainable environment and a thriving community. The association represents a diverse roster of members to advocate for local, state and federal policies that reflect its values, provide an alternative point-of-view to traditional business organizations and spark more involvement of like-minded, responsible businesses. Housing leaders in environmental research, development and manufacturing, the members of GBCA’s collective goal is to ensure valuable connections and opportunities that assist in Colorado’s business growth and innovative economy.

Peak Serum aims to leverage the key benefits of its GBCA membership, which are designed to support members through business networking events and advocacy on behalf of the industry, among other endeavors. GBCA will assist Peak Serum in its effort to introduce eco-friendly lab accessory products such as Centrifuge Tubes, Pipette Tips, Serological Pipettes and gloves to other local businesses. As a Colorado-based company, Peak Serum remains an environmentally-aware member of the community and promotes conscious coordination with area businesses through local delivery on orders, reducing the emissions that result from product shipment.

“Through our collaboration with Good Business Colorado, Peak Serum can further its reach and ultimately fulfill our goal to preserve our planet without ever sacrificing performance through our Eco Best Technology (EBT) products and more.”

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Peak Serum is Proud to Join Forces with the European Serum Products Association

The European Serum Products Association (ESPA), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, was established to promote the safe use of serum, connect companies of the serum processing industry, both in the EU and outside of the EU, and to represent their interests. The ESPA and Peak Serum share many values, such as honesty, trust, and credibility.

As a member of the ESPA, Peak Serum is dedicated to actively educating regulators, serum users and their associations about the facts and myths related to serum products. Additionally, we are committed to gathering scientific evidence that serum is amongst the safest and best performing cell culture supplements, and actively defending the roles of serum in both animal and human health.

This trusted partnership demonstrates our commitment and dedication to regulatory standards and product quality within the industry. Our good standing as accepted members of the ESPA will strengthen our network of associations of related sectors and serum clients, as well as regulators. This will help us be involved in the conversations to harmonize worldwide standards and international trade of serum products.

For more information about the ESPA, visit their website:

Peak Serum, Inc. Continues Support of Bioscience Industry Through Colorado Business Association (CBSA) Membership Renewal

Peak Serum, Inc. uses CBSA and European Serum Products Association memberships to establish relationships, engage research and educate others in the industry.

Peak Serum, Inc., announces their third-year membership renewal with Colorado Bioscience Association, (CBSA). Peak Serum, Inc. continues to support the biosciences with a hope to impact and improve the industry alongside other CBSA members.

“As leaders in bioscience research, development and manufacturing, the members of Colorado Bioscience Association’s united goal is to ensure valuable connections and opportunities to assist in Colorado’s business growth and innovating economy,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum. “Peak Serum, Inc. is proud to be apart of such a diverse and forward-thinking group. We look forward to many years of membership and growth with CBSA.”

The key benefits of CBSA membership are designed to support members through business networking events, advocacy on behalf of the industry to elected officials, bottom line savings through purchasing programs and knowledge-sharing programs.

An esteemed Board of Directors made from Colorado’s top bioscience leaders lead CBSA and work alongside an accomplished group of members including Colorado State University, Bio2 Medical, Silvergate Pharmaceuticals and AlloSource. For more information about CBSA, visit

To emphasize the importance of the bioscience industry, Peak Serum donates Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) to research projects through its Cares for Cures initiative. “Researchers are making enormous strides in fighting disease and curing afflictions, and Cares for Cures wants to acknowledge and encourage that work,” said Kutrubes “Biomedical research eventually enriches humanity. Our product donation will hopefully allow more labs to perform more research for years to come.”

Researchers seeking support from Cares For Cures may apply directly to the program here.

European Serum Products Association Grants Membership to Peak Serum, Inc.

Peak Serum is excited to announce it is officially a member of the European Serum Products Association (ESPA) as ofJuly 1, 2017.

“The purpose of ESPA is to connect professional companies of the animal serum processing industry in the European Union and in other European and Non-European countries to the interests of its members,” said Tom Kutrubes, President, and CEO of Peak Serum. “We are honored that we meet the necessary requirements in order to be accepted as a member of an organization that is consistently and effectively improving the serum industry and ethical standards”

ESPA Objectives :

  • to study questions relating to and defending the interests of the European Serum
    Processing Industry;
  • to represent its Members with the Commission of the European Communities, with
    other European institutions and with other national and international organizations,
    whether in the private or the public sector
  • to promote the harmonization of regulations covering the trade and the use of animal
    serum, following international standards set by the World Animal Health Organization
    OIE and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • promote the education of Members, regulatory authorities and the serum industry
    stakeholders in general.
  • to consolidate the confraternal ties between all of its Members;
  • to permit the exchange of professional and technical information within the industry
    itself but also with all economic and scientific sectors;
  • ensuring that the market for serum products operates in compliance with the
    European Union (EU) rules and with any international rules such as the ones from the
    World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE); and
  • to do anything which is, in the widest sense of the word, connected with or may be
    conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

The European Serum Products Association became active in May of 2017 ensuring the market for serum products operates in compliance with the European Union rules and international rules.