Peak Serum Green Solutions

Building A Better World Together

At Peak Serum, we know our clients understand the importance of making the world a better place, and so do we. We take an active role in environmental responsibility by ensuring our products and packaging are made using eco-friendly materials and sustainable resources when possible. We want to see the results of your studies, and know that a healthy environment will make that possible.

Peak Serum strives to act as a steward of sustainability with fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging in all of it’s offerings. From FBS to shipping packages, we focus on 100% biodegradable products and fully recyclable packaging.

Our Commitment to Sustainability in Manufacturing

We are a result-driven and innovative company conscious of new technologies that can be utilized to displace outdated methods in regard to both our research-based and environmental efforts. We live in a global world where people find comfort in routines and simplicity.

We are committed to providing high quality, innovative and cost-effective products, all the while adhering to supply chain processes that are reliable and sustainable.

“Peak’s biodegradable gloves and eco-friendly packaging for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) are the easiest step to encourage people to make a change for the better. Peak Serum ships its serum in fully recyclable product packaging. Their biodegradable gloves degrade over time once they reach a landfill, unlike other brands offered today. Even with glove recycling programs, the collection and shipping are usually done at the end users’ expense. This is the simplest way to have the glove performance that Science demands and the innovation our Planet needs.”

– Jennifer Blancas
Lab Manager & Sustainability Advocate | Glaunsinger Lab | Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Biodegradable Packaging

At Peak Serum, our passion to provide new innovative, educational, and cost-effective products, along with supply chain processes that are more reliable and sustainable, keep us unique and ahead of the curb to focus on environmental responsibility.

To eliminate waste and prevent our packaging from ending up back in landfills, we’ve created 100% biodegradable packaging for all of our products out of 100% recycled materials. From our outer film, which can be ripped off and added to your #4 recyclables, to the Green Cell Phone, which is composable in your backyard and safe to dissolve in your sinks. Each package includes instructions on the box for disposal of all parts, making it even easier to reduce environmental impact.

Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves Use Eco Boost Technology®

Did you know that an estimated 100 billion pairs of gloves are thrown away each year? Laid out end-to-end, that’s enough to stretch to the moon and back 30 times! Now consider that these gloves can take up to 100 years to biodegrade in a landfill, and unfortunately, the waste of gloves is expected to further increase with our growing population.

Eco Best Technology ® (EBT) from SHOWA is the breakthrough innovation that gave rise to the world’s first fully biodegradable nitrile gloves. EBT is composed of organic materials that accelerate the biodegradation of nitrile. It helps preserve our planet without ever sacrificing performance. Thanks to it’s special composition, our EBT gloves decompose within 1 to 5 year in active landfills*, where for non-EBT products this takes more than 100 years. Launched in 2021, our biodegradable nitrile gloves are the industry’s first, and today, SHOWA offers the most extensive selection of biodegradable hand protection on the market.

Our gloves offer long-lasting comfort and durable protection against chemicals, viruses, and mechanical risks. In contamination-sensitive applications, single use gloves like the 6112PF are the only option – resulting in an enormous amount of waste. By choosing EBT over regular nitrile, you can choose the protection you need in a glove that’s better for the planet.

*as proven with ASTM D5511 & D5526 test results

EBT Benefits

  • Performs the same as non-EBT nitrile disposable gloves.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Decreased risk of allergies
  • High performance of protection
  • Second-skin fit and feel

Overall Features

  • 100% nitrile with Eco Boost Technology ®
  • Disposable & Biodegradable
  • Textured Fingertips
  • Non-sterile, silicone and latex free
  • Zero natural rubber latex proteins
  • Powder-free

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