Peak Serum, Inc. Accepting Applications for Fetal Bovine Serum Donation to Support Disease Curing Research

Cares for Cures logoPeak Serum, Inc. is currently seeking applications for its annual Cares for Cures Grant. Through this initiative, a biological research lab is selected to receive a Fetal Bovine Serum donation from Peak Serum. Click here to fill out the grant form for consideration. Labs of any size are encouraged to apply and the donation recipient will be notified by email.

“Our mission with Peak Serum’s Cares for Cures program is to give back to the research community that continues to support Peak Serum,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum, Inc. “It is my belief that it is our responsibility as a company to go the extra mile in supporting research initiatives can change the world.”

Dr. Wendy Huang of the UC San Diego School of Medicine was awarded the first Cares for Cures Grant in 2017. Her team’s research impacts inflammatory bowel conditions, breast, prostate and intestinal cancers and other inflammation-related diseases.

From the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Russell Pachynski was the second recipient of the Cares for Cures Grant in 2018. His groundbreaking research is very unique and encompasses both clinical (prostate) and laboratory (leukocyte) research.

“To give back and partner with labs to make cures for diseases become a reality is a very high priority for Peak Serum,” said Kutrubes. “We are not just another serum company. We care about our customers and hope to show our true compassion through the annual Cares for Cures Grant.”

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