Peak Premier Rewards

Peak RewardsWhat Is Peak Premier Rewards?

Peak Premier Rewards is a loyalty rewards program. Points are earned on every purchase from Peak Serum, including fetal bovine serum and lab accessories.  Every purchase from Peak Serum earns points that can be redeemed for coupons. Create a Peak Premier Rewards account today to start earning points every time you check out. The program allows you to save money on purchases you already make without having to do anything more than sign up with an email address!


How Does Peak Premier Rewards Work? 

The Peak Premier Rewards program is simple. Each dollar spent is worth one point.  For example, a purchase of $100 worth of lab accessories is worth 100 points while a purchase of $500 of fetal bovine serum is worth 500 points. Each time you check out, the points are accumulated. You can redeem your points for a coupon to save money on your next purchase. In the previous example, the purchase would result in 600 points, and 500 points can be exchanged for a $10 off coupon. 

Claiming Your Rewards

We’ve made claiming your Peak Rewards as easy as possible. Simply log in to your Peak Rewards account, then choose “Claim Your Rewards.” The total amount of points available will determine the amount of available coupons. Next, select “Claim Now” to receive a single-use coupon code that can be applied for instant savings at check out!

Who Can Use Peak Rewards?

We value the loyalty of our customers, and we’re excited to offer Peak Premier Rewards to every customer, including individuals and research labs.

Click here to create your Peak Premier Rewards account today!