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Peak Serum, Inc. is a privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products, conveniently located near high-technology science parks in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado. Our core focus is Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) for cGMP / clinical trial research and diagnostics applications. Peak Serum offers a wide range of high quality, 100% US Origin and USDA Origin FBS products for all levels of research compliance. Peak Serum’s products are backed with superior knowledge, while delivering competitive market pricing and a consistent, readily available supply.

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The Peak Serum Difference

With over 12 years in the biotech industry, we at Peak Serum have learned that personal relationships, integrity and a consistently high-quality products make all the difference. This is what separates us from the large corporations.

All of our fetal bovine serums are sourced exclusively from the United States and USDA-approved countries and our 100% US Origin fetal bovine serum has performed better in 30 day comparisons than leading competitors.

Learn more about what makes Peak Serum's Fetal Bovine Serum the most superior on the market by watching our informational video.


Everyone wins when we support research to cure diseases. Peak Serum is proud to announce the launch of Cares for Cures, an initiative that aims to provide Fetal Bovine Serum product donations to research labs working to cure diseases worldwide. 

Research labs and organizations are encouraged to apply for donations through the form below and Peak Serum has committed to selecting at least one beneficiary each year.

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2017 Cares for Cures Recipient – Dr. Wendy Huang 

Dr. Wendy Huang of the UC San Diego School of Medicine was awarded the first Cares for Cures Grant in 2017. Her team’s research impacts inflammatory bowel conditions, breast, prostate and intestinal cancers and other inflammation-related diseases.

2018 Cares for Cures Recipient – Dr. Russell Pachynski 

From the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Russell Pachynski was the second recipient of the Cares for Cures Grant in 2018. His groundbreaking research is very unique and encompasses both clinical (prostate) and laboratory (leukocyte) research.