M.P. Thomas Jefferson University

Serum prices have been rising outrageously. It is difficult keep doing research when a big chunk of your grant goes to FBS. I have been searching for FBS alternative supplier to the most famous brand, taking a lot of time comparing different brands and lots of FBS for performance on our cells. We use mostly primary cells that we isolate from Epidermolysis Bullosa and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients, so the quality of FBS is capital importance for our purposes.

It has been almost 3 years that we are using FBS from Peak Serum, Inc. It always has performed at the same levels, and in some assays even better, compared to FBS from other more famous brands, and the price is reasonable. Moreover, the costumer’s service is highly qualified, professional and collaborative.
I highly recommend Peak Serum for its performance and for the knowledgeable and courtesy of the customer’s service.

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